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Call to Action on LR 318!!!

The Legislative Retirement Committee will hold a public hearing on LR 318 on Friday, September 18 at 1:30 p.m.  Due to the pandemic restrictions, the Committee is asking that parties interested in giving testimony send their comments by email to Senator Mark Kolterman before 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 17 so that they can be made part of the official hearing record.  Email addresses for State Senators are simply the first initial of the senator’s first name, the last name, and the extension  For example, Senator Kolterman’s email address is:

LR 318 was introduced at the close of the current legislative session to review progress in complying with LB 31 which required transferring the management of the Omaha School Employees’ Retirement System to the Public Employees Retirement Board.

In short, LR 318 will receive public input on closing the OSERS office in Omaha and transferring all OSERS retirement management to Lincoln.  That means that any new retiree from OPS would need to make an appointment to see a retirement counselor in Lincoln if he/she wants to have a personal counseling session regarding his/her retirement.  The study produced by LB 31 indicates that if the administration were transferred, it would cost between $3.8 – $6.1 million dollars to modify the computer software to make the transition.  Further, it would take about two years to make the transfer, and require an additional 12 months to mirror the programs to ensure that they were operating properly.  In addition, instead of having four employees in Omaha to answer questions regarding OSERS benefits, there would be a call center in Lincoln that would handle the calls, but not conduct personal counseling sessions in Omaha.  Finally, the on-going cost of benefit management would likely be higher with a merged system than with a stand-alone OSERS plan, and those higher costs would be charged back to the OSERS Trust Fund.

OEA-Retired members are encouraged to email Senator Kolterman and other members of the Legislative Retirement Committee prior to September 17 to let them know how they feel about closing the Omaha OSERS office and moving all administration to Lincoln.  Committee members are:

• Sen. Mark Kolterman, Chairperson

• Sen. Kate Bolz

• Sen. Mike Groene

• Sen. Rick Kolowski

• Sen. Brett Lindstrom

• Sen. John Stinner

The OEA-Retired Board has taken a position opposing LR 318, and will provide testimony on behalf of the organization.

LB 31 Linea Solutions Report is HERE.

OEA-retired position paper on LB 31 is HERE.

Members are encouraged to share their personal stories with the senators.  Thank you in advance for your help in letting Senators know your feelings on this potential change.

Walta Sue Dodd, OEA-Retired President