OSERS transitions to NPERS survey

The Omaha Public Schools Board of Education is actively pursuing legislation which will transfer the management and governance of Omaha School Employees’ Retirement System (OSERS) to the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems (NPERS) based in Lincoln.

The intent of the legislation is to close the current OSERS office and move all administration and governance to NPERS. OPS paid for the study.  It is estimated that the cost to make this transition will be $4- 6 million. This transition cost will be the responsibility of OPS.  It is estimated that it will take roughly two years to make the transition.  After the transition, the OSERS trust fund will be charged all associated administration and governance cost.

A bill to authorize the closing of the Omaha OSERS office and transferring governance and management of OSERS to NPERS will be submitted in January 2021.

The OEA-Retired Board have voted to oppose the bill because there are too many unanswered questions.  We have been told that the questions will be answered after the bill passes.

OEA-Retired is asking for input from the retired members of OSERS on this possible transition of governance and management of our retirement system to Lincoln.

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1)   Do you favor closing the Omaha office of OSERS and placing all management and governance under the direction of NPERS?